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Alfhild (Alf) Daemonne - Haven Bears - Wonky Inn Collection


Created by Alison and Steven Beale, the artists behind Haven Bears, and based on the popular Wonky Inn series of books, this bear is the main character, Alfhild, known as Alf to her friends. Alf is a witch with Wonky powers. All she wants is to keep the inn and her friends safe, and maybe find love.

Could you love Alf?

Alf is 5 1/2" tall and is dressed in dark colours. Her arms and back are in long black fur to try and give the impression of a cloak which is cut away at the front to show grey trousers and body. She has black boots with black laces.

Her hair, as you can see is bright red and quite wild, and she has painted green eyes and a red stitched smile. 

Every Haven Bears is completely unique. No two are the same.

If you're looking for a collectible teddy bear, or you're a fan of The Wonkiest Witch or the Wonky Inn series of books, then one of these beautiful bears could be perfect for you.

Never read the book? Buy one of these bears and we'll throw in a signed book completely free. Just let us know which book you would prefer.