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Beaford (Haven Bears)


Beaford is one of the cutest and craziest bears you’ll ever meet.

His body and head are fashioned in burgundy material flecked with black thread. Covering almost all of this, however, he wears a coat of shaggy black hair, leaving only his snout uncovered. Over his chest and belly, he then wears a vest of light turquoise mohair, which is also used for his ears. The same blue thread is used for his nose and mouth. With black glass eyes peeking out under his fringe he has a serious look.

His paw pads are made from a patterned material with flecks of grey, blue and gold. On his left paw he has an emerald H and on his belly is a small black button.

As with all our Haven bears Beaford is unique – a limited edition of one. Five-way jointed and weighted with steel shot he can move with the best of them, but he also likes to sit and contemplate the world. Will you join him?

Size: 11 cm

Material: Fabric, German and South African Mohair.

Filling: Steel shot, polyester

Structure: 5-way jointed

Glass eyes

Surface washable

Limited Edition of one

WEIGHT: 0.1 kg

Price: £75

Not suitable for young children