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Florence - Haven Bears - Wonky Inn Collection


Created by Alison and Steven Beale, the artists behind Haven Bears, and based on the popular Wonky Inn series of books, this bear is fan favourite, Florence, the ghostly housekeeper who keeps Whittle Inn in ship-shape fashion.

Florence unfortunately lost her life when making a fire in the grate of the bar and she’s been haunting the inn ever since. Florence started life as a house maid, but Alf promotes her to housekeeper, but secretly, Florence harbours ambitions to be a baker extraordinaire. You can follow her exploits in all the books but especially The Great Witchy Cake Off (Wonky Inn Book 7).

Could you offer a home to this absolute sweetheart? She’ll sweep your hearths and supervise all your baking endeavours.

Mini Florence is just 4" tall. Florence has been made in gorgeous luxurious grey angora mohair and we have given her a plush fur skirt in mottled shades of grey which looks burnt and sooty whilst her cap and face have been very lightly airbrushed to give the effect of soot. We gave her a white face as she is a ghost and black and grey short hair. He is steel shot and steel ball filled for a good weight. His face, ears and hands are made from the short, beige South African mohair and he has toning ultra-suede paws.

Every Haven Bear is completely unique. No two are the same.

If you're looking for a collectible teddy bear, or you're a fan of The Wonkiest Witch or the Wonky Inn series of books, then one of these beautiful bears could be perfect for you.

Never read the book? Buy one of the Wonky Inn bears and we'll throw in a signed book completely free. Just let us know which book you would prefer.