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Perdita Pugh - Haven Bears - Wonky Inn Collection

Haven Bears


Created by Alison and Steven Beale, the artists behind Haven Bears, and based on the popular Wonky Inn series of books, this bear is the Ghost Whisperer, Perdita Pugh, from The Ghosts of Wonky Inn who drives poor Alf potty.

Perdita is described in the books as a posh hippie type. Intellectual, but not quite on the same planet as everyone else. She has a little toy Chihuahua named Chi, and uses an electro-endoquero to map the ghosts of Wonky Inn.

Could you offer a safe haven for this sweet-but-completely-barking character?

Perdita Pugh is 5 1/2" tall and has long wild hair and a pair of wire rimmed spectacles. She is made from a selection of colourful fur to represent her crazy personality.

Her nose and mouth are stitched in pink thread and she has shiny black English glass eyes.

She is steel shot and steel ball filled for a good weight. Her face, ears and hands are made from the short, beige South African mohair and she has toning ultra-suede paws.

Every Haven Bear is completely unique. No two are the same.

If you're looking for a collectible teddy bear, or you're a fan of The Wonkiest Witch or the Wonky Inn series of books, then one of these beautiful bears could be perfect for you.

Never read the book? Buy one of the Wonky Inn bears and we'll throw in a signed book completely free. Just let us know which book you would prefer.