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Hoppity Hare


Hoppity Hare, with his extra-large ears and rotund belly, is always on the lookout for carrots to eat. Indeed, to make sure he is never short, he carries his own on his left paw wherever he goes.

Made of multi-tonal brown sassy fur fabric, he also features a white belly and cream felt paws and inner ears. He has black stitching for his toes, mouth and eyebrows, glass eyes and black bulbous nose. He wears a green heart button on his chest and two buttons on his back, one caramel, the other latte, above a cute white bobtail.

A lovely gift for the coming springtime.

Size: 12 cm

Material: Faux Fur, Polyester

Filling: Synthetic

Structure: 5-way jointed

Glass eyes

Featuring green heart button on chest and carrot on his paw.

Surface washable

WEIGHT: 0.02 kg

Price: £48

Not suitable for young children