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Magda Masai Giraffe


Magda the Masai Giraffe is another of the National Geographic collection raising awareness of the plight of endangered animals the world over.

Magda is trying to maintain and promote understanding about the threat posed to these impressive Masai giraffes. She is an especially beautiful representative of her species. She is 26 cm tall and is made of speckled cuddly soft plush fabric.

 Magda Masai Giraffe stands stably since her legs are supported by wiring. The plush fabric is printed in the typical colours. The tip of her tail is black.

Just as her relatives tower over the animal kingdom, Magda Masai Giraffe immediately draws attention to herself. She stands above everything and radiates peace. Her message drives home: respect creatures like me and preserve us. A noble and beautiful addition to any household.


Size: 26cm

Material: Plush

Material composition: 100% Polyester

Filling: Synthetic

Safety eyes

Surface washable