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Soft Cuddly Friends Earz elephant (small)


At a height of 20 cm, this is the baby version of Earz the blue elephant who is a must for any child's bedroom, and just right for those little hands to hold.

The fluffy playmate shakes its striped ears and tells children about the giraffes, whose necks are long enough that they can eat leaves right off the trees. And about the lions, who roar so loudly in the wilderness that people have to cover their ears.

Made of cuddly soft blue plush, with striped ears, paws and dinky tail which ends in a little ribbon, to match those on his head, Earz is a very special friend to the lucky child who plays with him.

Target Group: Child

Size: 20cm

Material: Soft Plush

Material composition: 100% Polyester

Filling: Synthetic

Safety Eyes

Care Label: machine washable at 30° C

Weight: 0.1 kg

Colour: Blue